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  • 30 minute $35

    Since a full body massage cannot be performed effectively in 30 minutes, we reserve this time for focusing on areas of concern. There are 3 standard options for a 30 minute massage as follows:

    Option1) scalp, face, neck and shoulders (in face up position)

    option 2) back, shoulders, arms & hands (both face-up and face down)

    option 3) glutes, legs & feet (face up and face down)

  • 60 minute $60

    Can focus on one area of concern or offer full body massage, Full body massage includes all major muscle groups such as: back/neck/shoulders, arms/hands, glutes/legs/feet. Facial massage by request only.
  • 70 minute $70

    70 minute massage is full body (as in one hour service) but will allow a few more minutes of focus to a particularly troublesome area.
  • 90 minutes $85

    90 minute massage is also full body. In addition to the massage itself, some degree of stretching is also involved as is longer focus on key problem areas.
  • Hot Stone Massage $60
    This massage incorporates heated basalt river stones intermittently into your massage service. Stones are "placed", as well as, fractioned during the massage in order to soften superficial muscle tissue, in order to maximize your relaxation experience.